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Nature sets you up for a creative mood, even if the weather is not quite what you want. I would like not only to plant potatoes and tomatoes but also to decorate my plot. Arranging a summer cottage with your own hands is a great process, it brings a lot of pleasure. Therefore, leave your strength to create beauty, and we will tell you very simple ideas for a summer cottage. More for your garden in Nicholas Martin‘s blog.

Arrangement of a summer cottage

So, it’s time to grab a notebook and quickly draw up a plan of ideas that should be implemented in the country this year. After all, what could be better than creating a garden plot on a sunny weekend in your own piece of nature?

1. A wonderful shelf for flowers

This gorgeous green rack will only work if you have building blocks, boards, and crates left over. Create a podium from all the “trash” that accumulates in the country, places flowers in pots on it. In this case, succulents are used, but you can use any flowers, including home ones. Old furniture, seats, wheels, or suitcases will look very stylish in such a composition. Such deliberate simplicity and rudeness of materials are very popular with foreign gardeners.

2. Green chandelier

The motto of modern designers is “New is a well-reworked old!” An old chandelier and cheap plastic flowerpots were used for the garden composition. The structure was covered with spray paint from above and hung near the house. It is best to plant ampel petunias in such pots.

3. Garden bed swing

Everybody loves a garden swing! And if you do not just a swing, but a whole bed under a tree? Be sure to take advantage of this wonderful holiday paradise opportunity if you have a construction pallet, strong ropes, and a large branchy tree.

4. Vertical gardening in the garden

This idea is for gardeners who love experimenting with plants. Ideal for small plants and small areas. Cover the back and sides of the building pallet with waterproof tarp or plastic. Fill the cells with good nourishing flower soil and plant your favorite ornamental plants. A strawberry bush will perfectly fit here. Lean a vertical bed against a wall or fence so that excess water can easily drain off.

5. Dandelions from the mesh

True, these country crafts are very similar to the decorative allium bow or craspedia? But these are not living plants at all, but decorative elements formed from a mosquito net. The net is stretched over a tennis ball, secured with wire and covered with spray paint on top. These balloon flowers look very interesting! These country ideas are definitely to my liking!

6. Artificial ruins

In a large suburban area, you can create fabulous corners. They will fit perfectly into the landscape design! From the remaining building materials, build a wall in a specially designated place. These ruins are made from natural stone, but the same effect can be achieved with bricks, concrete blocks, and even alternative materials decorated with stone. Use as little mortar as possible to keep the ruin looking authentic. Vines and girly grapes will give it an even more ancient look!

7. Drinking bowl for birds

The decorative drinker not only attracts birds but also creates beauty in the garden. It also serves as a swimming pool for feathered friends. For example, such an old clay dish on a brick stand would be a favorite bathing spot. Change the water in the drinker regularly to keep bacteria out. Birds are our friends because they are the ones who eat insect pests.

8. Plates for beds

It often happens that you want to plant a little of everything, but there is so little space in the garden. You walk afterward and you cannot remember where and what was planted until the shoots begin to appear. Here’s an idea for solving the problem: Make your own plant and vegetable nameplates for the beds. Tin can lid make pretty plaques. There are a lot of options!

9. Dragonflies from chair legs

These wonderful creatures will decorate an empty fence, wall, or front door from the outside. It is very easy to make such crafts for arranging a summer cottage – you only need legs from old chairs for the body of a dragonfly, plywood or wire for the wings (the blades of an old fan were used here), paint, and a little imagination!

10. Campfire site in the hill

What is a summer cottage without fire and barbecue in a cozy circle of family and friends? And if your suburban area is hilly, then this is an amazing opportunity to create an oasis of paradise built right into the hill! The result is a beautiful stone hideaway perfect for meetings, summer barbecues or just relaxing with stunning views of nature.

11. Bird feeders from the tea set

It is always pleasant to watch the birds frolicking in the garden. You can encourage them to visit your summer cottage with this adorable tea set. This is a great way to give new life to overpowered dishes and create the atmosphere of “Alice in Wonderland”!

12. Garden figure from tin cans

For some, canned food cans are just unnecessary junk. But they contain parts for the body of the Tin Woodman from The Wizard of the Emerald City! Having settled in your garden, such a handsome man and friend will frighten the crows, because they will surely not like him. Cover it with anti-rust paint or metal varnish to keep your touching knight from rusting.

13. Flower pots in the form of minions

Children will squeal with delight, and adults will roll with laughter. Repaint ordinary flower pots with the most popular Despicable Me characters – minions, because they are so cute and funny!

14. Miniature pond with water lilies

A mini pond is a small ecosystem that only needs a container. A bucket, basin or tub can easily turn into a pond of the simplest form. There you can plant water lilies, reeds, cattail, arrowhead, church, irises, horsetail. There is a place for a mini-pond even in the smallest summer cottage.

15. Table top with lawn

Such an original table with a lawn will decorate your garden. This miracle of garden furniture can also be used for its intended purpose – to have a picnic on the lawn with which it is covered. In a metal pan, make holes for draining excess water, lay drainage, and cover it with soil and sow with lawn grass or put a piece of rolled lawn on top.

Ideas for decorating a garden and arranging a summer cottage with your own hands are unimaginable! Garden decor does not require large investments and a complex scientific approach. Connect your imagination and create your own garden decor. For this, almost everything that has already served you faithfully and that other short-sighted citizen, considering it unnecessary rubbish, are thrown into the trash is suitable.


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