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It was hours and hours of climbing trees, playing with leaves and small insects, finally, discovering nature.

Today I will continue the theme, but this time commenting on the choice of the best equipment and materials for the green areas of your home.

In gardens where children are present

The materials used must be resistant, that is, resistant to the weather – rain, sun, storms – but also children’s games. We never know what the little ones are going to do, nor do we want to hinder their freedom, right?

The ideal is to have natural materials that are in harmony with the environment. The coolest thing is that doll’s houses, sandboxes, swings, gangbangers, tables and benches are made of wood. In them, the use of sharp nails and screws should be avoided, as well as having a matte and sanded finish so that they do not overheat in the sun.

Benches should be of adequate height and trash cans should be at a safe distance to prevent the proximity of bees. Sources should be placed in safe locations where there is no risk of falling or drowning. The choice of sculptures should give preference to those that can be touched to stimulate child exploitation. Look for those made of polished materials, without tips.

If you decide to invest in a sandbox for the little ones, don’t forget to have a lid for it. This way, the inconvenient visitation of cats and dogs is avoided, that can end up transmitting parasites, as the geographic animal and scabies.

Already the illumination must obey safe parameters of resistance to avoid falls of poles or lamps with eventual blades, in case you have in the family some football fan, basketball or any other sport that involves balls. Another recommendation for lighting planning is to protect the luminaires from exposure to rainwater to avoid short circuits.

And finally

A souvenir: some plants and trees serve as excellent niches (houses) for insects and arachnids, especially when they are in more preserved places, with wild areas around. Trees with thick bark can house bees, scorpions, wasps, Tatars, spiders and marimbondes. Plants such as raspberries attract birds and consequently snakes. What you have to do is observe and be aware of signs such as spider webs, leaves rolled up in palm trees (Maturana’s), holes in the ground (spiders) and nests. Also, the tip I gave last week. Don’t tell your son “Stay away. Don’t touch!”. The best thing is always a conversation and an explanation of why there is a risk in that place.

Creating a glass dome around a garden is impossible, but being aware that we are not alone in this world is already halfway to environmental awareness. With patience, we teach children that we can live with all beings, knowing how to identify them and warning adults when they are seen.

Learning to react to an unknown animal in front of children is important to give them confidence and security, especially to make sure that we have control of the situation. In this way, they will learn to do the same.

The garden is always a gateway to the natural world, the gateway to science and art. A perfect place to grow.


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